Femoral Head And Neck Osteotomy

Femoral Head Osteotomy (FHO) is a surgical procedure that removes the femoral head and neck from the femur. FHO surgery is performed to alleviate pain. It is a salvage procedure, reserved for condition where pain can not be alleviated in any other way. Typical indications for surgery are luxated hips, chronic hip displaysia in small dogs and avascular necrosis due to trauma. Other names are Excision Arthroplasty of the femoral head and neck, Girdlestone's Operation (in humans) and Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy.

This hip has had an FHO. You can see the head and portion of the neck of the femur have been removed.

Avascular necrosis occurs when the bone tissue dies as a result of lack of blood supply. This image depicts the blood flow affected when a fracture of the femoral head and/or neck occurs.