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Surgical Consultation

Dr. Walesby is dedicated to spending time with you and your companion. Dr. Walesby is both available and approachable and encourages open communication. Each appointment begins with listening to you and your companion’s history. Dr. Walesby will obtain a thorough history and once your companion has had time to acclimate to the surroundings, she will perform a complete physical exam. Based on her assessment and decades of clinical experience, Dr. Walesby will make a diagnosis. She will then educate and guide you through the decision making process. She wants to be sure that you understand your options, the available procedures, the prognosis and after-care associated with each option.

Occasionally, additional diagnostics may be recommended to enhance or confirm our diagnosis. Many of these diagnostics (radiographs, blood work) can be performed in-house, at the time of your consult. Maryland Veterinary Surgical Services is equipped with digital radiography, and often times we are able to obtain high quality digital radiographs at the time of evaluation without the need for sedation. The radiographs are reviewed by Dr. Walesby at the time of your appointment.