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5 Home Exercises for Dogs

MDVSS Home Exercises for Dogs

Even if you can’t make it outside, you can still play with your pet and exercise them while indoors.

Sometimes life gets in the way of getting our dogs outside. Whether it’s inclement weather, a global pandemic, or simply life stuff, sometimes playtime with your dog needs to happen indoors. Luckily, there are lots of different home exercises for dogs that will help you keep your dog physically and mentally active and engaged. As always, follow your veterinarian’s recommendations on activity level for your companion – especially if they are recovering from surgery!


The quintessential dog game, fetch can be played indoors with some modifications depending on your allotted space. If you have a long hallway, you can throw the ball down it to keep your dog running. If a lot of rooms come off of it, you can throw it into different rooms to challenge your dog more. If you’re not comfortable with throwing a ball in the house, give the ball a strong roll so your dog can chase it. This works best on non-carpeted flooring because the ball gets more speed, so it’s harder to catch.

Sit-to-Stand and Stairs

The motion of sitting to standing and back down can act as a strengthening tool for your pup’s hind end. Use this exercise in the form of sets, starting slowly and working up in the number of repetitions.  The stairs in your home can be used as a fitness tool. Walking slowly up and down the stairs while on a leash several times in a row will be useful in building strength and stamina. 

Obstacle Course

Make an obstacle course for your pup inside your home for loads of fun and excitement. Get creative with your materials and use things like couch cushions, blankets, hula hoops, and whatever else you can find. This will be as enjoyable for you as it is for your dog. It’s excellent mental training, which is as important as physical exertion for our precious canines.

Treat Puzzles

There are a lot of cool treat puzzle toys available wherever you normally shop for your pet. They are another excellent method of mental training that keep your dog’s mind occupied. If you use these often, or if your dog is overweight and on a diet, they can still enjoy treat puzzles with their favorite low-calorie food rewards such as green beans, baby carrots, apples, or even raspberries. Be mindful of what you feed them and avoid any potentially harmful foods such as onions, garlic, raisins, and grapes.


Hide-and-seek is such a good option because it exercises your dog’s mind and body, especially if the whole family gets in on it. Have all participants hide somewhere in the house and call your dog’s name so that they’ll come looking for you. This will keep your dog’s body moving, but also challenge their mind as they try to figure out where you are.

We hope you enjoy trying out these fun home exercises for dogs!

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