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Our Testimonials

  • I just wanted to compliment Dr. Walesby and her staff on the wonderful care Gizzy, my Jack Russell Terrier received during his surgery and stay at MVSS. He had to have a mandibulectomy and at first I was against the idea not knowing what to expect by Dr. Walesby was confident and assured me that Gizzy would be fine. For anyone who is faced with the decision to have surgery or not, I would highly recommend to contact MVSS and meet with Dr. Walesby. Gizzy is happy now and I feel he has gained a tremendous quality of life back thanks to Dr. Walesby and her staff. Our last visit was bitter sweet because even though I hope Gizzy does not have to go back, I really treasure the relationship that we established while he was there.

    -Shirley D., Hampstead, MD
  • I went to Dr Walesby because my dog couldn’t walk on her back leg Dr Walesby gave graci a full examination then we discussed every detail she took a lot of time explaining everything that would take place during the operation step by step they where no hidden cost exactly what I was told to the penny all the staff and Rita the secretary we’re great I can honestly say Dr Walesby is the most caring veterinarian I have ever been to and and she is a fantastic surgeon after Dr Walesby repaired the knee 8 months later the other knee had to be done after 10 weeks of recovery Gracie was back out in the field goose hunting with me he was stronger than ever it was unbelievable to see that she was completely crippled and back in the field chasing them Birds all the directions and medications was all right there after the surgery for Gracie without a doubt this is a first class Veterinarian Service I would never ever think about taking my dog somewhere else dr. Wellsby cares about you and your pet and still today my dog can’t be doing any better I am definitely thankful for Dr Walesby God bless Captain dave

  • We were thrilled to adopt a new baby while visiting my niece in Puerto Rico. When we arrived with our new baby our vet realized something was wrong with his front legs. She recommended us to call Dr. Walesby. We made the appointment and met what I thought would be another straight laced vet who would be in and out and give us a couple options. From the moment she spoke I knew she was not anything typical. She was kind, compassionate and personable (wait a dr…..Who is personable?). I found a gentile, kind, laughing soul. Someone who cares like she adopted him herself. She not only cared about him but got to know us. She spends time and answers questions for owners. I’m still amazed at the fact she spends almost all her time helping animals with her amazing surgeon skills. But that she also does her work in all her charities. I still wonder where she has time for her family let alone herself. You would never know she has anything outside her life but your animal. She gives herself unselfishly. She has dedicated her life to helping those with four legs and wet noses and she understands people like us. People Who’s pets are more, they are family. i wish my doctor was as personable as she is. I wish she was my regular vet. As she has told me she wanted to make more of a difference then giving shots and she proved that to me by giving my puppy, born with elbow dysplasia, a new life. He is happy and running faster in the yard then his new adopted 7 month old brother. She also took on our 15 year old baby, Otis who was covered in fatty cysts. Some were every close to areas that were gonna be problematic. She told me she would remove three of them. We worried all day as our senior boy was in surgery. She called me that evening and told me he was fine and that while she was in there she took all his fatty deposits. She not only gave new life to my old boy she also found he was in stage one kidney disease. Not even our primary vet found this. I’m forever grateful to Dr. walesby. She is an angel to every animal that has the privilege to have her help. I really have no words that would ever give enough thanks and explain what she means to us and my furry family. I would recommend and have recommended her to anyone with surgical needs for their pets. Dr. Walesby and her staff are truly there for you and your pets in what can be a very scary situation.

  • A note from tucker:
    Dr. Walesby,

    With my front legs, I barely stood.
    If I could give you angel wings I would. You gave me hope and I believed I could. With your love, I finally stood. I may of come from a shelter and to your office I was carried. I was so little and frail, I could barely wage my tail. You gave me hope when all was lost. Today I can stand proud. My brothers and I play like I have legs that are new, only because of you.
    (aka tuck butt)

    -Kim R., Marriottsville, MD
  • Dr. Walesby is currently helping us through a rough time with our 17 mon old Dalmation mix. He is having his leg amputated this Tuesday, and Dr. Walesby has been with us the whole time. She had a room full of patients, but took the time with us in front of the X-ray light explaining Calvin’s problem. She called us personally at 9PM with the results of the biopsy. She thoroughly explained Calvin’s upcoming amputation, explaining all aspects of the surgery and the aftercare. It’s a really awful time for us, but Dr. Walesby is so personable and upbeat, it makes it so much better. It’s very obvious that she cares very deeply for her patients and their families.

    -PN., Ellicott City, MD
  • The entire staff at MDVSS was amazing. Our dog, Raven had knee surgery in March 2011 and Dr. Walesby was extremely informative about the entire process about what we could expect. Dr. Walesby called us at 9pm the night of her surgery to let us know she was doing just fine. I was so impressed with this customer service. When we went to pick up Raven, Rita presented us with specific, day by day, detailed instructions about how to care for Raven, post surgery. We were given the medications and physical therapy motions to practice before we left the office. ALL of the Vet Technicians were fantastic. They showed our dog the best compassion and interest. I hope that none of my animals have to have surgery again, however if they do, I would definitely go back to MDVSS/Dr. Walesby…with out a doubt. I highly recommend this practice. 🙂

    -Tammy G., Mount Airy, MD
  • Our mini schnauzer had chronic ear infections and we had to have her ear canal removed. Dr. Walesby was absolutely wonderful. She met with me and explained in detail the surgical process and what to expect after the surgery. She was so compassionate and warm. Her love of animals was very apparent! She personally followed-up with phone calls to check on our doggie to make sure everything was healing correctly. It was a pleasure to deal with her. I would recommend this practice to anyone with a pet in need of surgery. The cost was very reasonable when compared to other practices.

    -Xina K., Ellicott City, MD
  • Dr. Walesby performed surgery on the soft palate of our dog Zoe. Since the surgery we have seen immense improvement in our dog’s physical and emotional status. It’s like she’s a puppy again when in reality she is about 9yrs. old! Dr. Walesby is a very compassionate and knowledgeable surgeon; she takes the time to answer any and all questions you might have during the consultation appointment. Her entire staff shows compassion and concern for you and your pet! In our mind we could not have found a better facility to have the surgery done on our dog–thank you Dr. Walesby!!

    -Michele L., Manchester, PA
  • Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your taking care of Lucky. In this day and age I still find it amazing there are still people in the world who really care about what they do, and try to help others with their learning’s and dedication. I pay attention to the little things in life, that many people don’t, so here are some things I noticed.

    The reception area was SPOTLESS. I mean come on. How often and where do you go to a vet that you could eat off the floor? I then noticed they had a rug on the metal table for our loved ones. THAT was very special IMO. And while standing there I was checking out the room. The entire room, tables, counter top and floor again, were spotless. For some reason I was looking @ the grey rug and was astounded by the fact there was not one hair on it. I later noticed that someone would come behind and clean the room after each visit.

    And then the people. EVERYONE was very kind, cheerful, and caring. They took great care in giving good information about what to expect and what to do after surgery. It didn’t feel like they were “just doing their job”. And a few times they even asked if you have any questions without waiting for you to ask.

    And what really sent this over the top was the fact Dr Walesby called us Fri night after the surgery about 8:30pm with a follow up from the office. Plenty of people would love to be home or out doing something on a Fri evening. And I really wish you didn’t (any of you) have to stay that late. But don’t think for one minute I didn’t notice this, and really appreciate what you do.

    And finally the fees. You will never hear me complain about the cost of taking care of my loved ones. And considering the overhead there making sure you have the people and equipment to do what is needed, I can’t imagine having that responsibility not only for the daily work, but that of others. I thought the fee was very fair. And for those who might complain, they just don’t get it. And likely they are driving around new cars they don’t need or can’t afford.

    In closing, I just want to say again how thankful I am that there are people like you in the world who do what you do. Sure, it was minor surgery, but it meant the world to me knowing I could trust my inner feelings, just by the way you ran your biz, mainly paying attention to (details) what most others don’t. I really wish there was something special I could do for you.

    Many thanks to the entire staff, and you will NOT be forgotten

    -Paul, Shirley, and Lucky New
    PN., Westminster, MD
  • This is yet another five star recommendation for Dr. Walesby.

    Our dog (5 years old golden retriever) needed surgery for a torn ACL

    We traveled from Pennsylvania to Catonsville on the recommendation of our vet.
    Met with Dr. Walesby, she explained all cost up front, which included follow up exams to check his recovery and proper healing.

    Everyone we came in contact with was kind, considerate and patient. Our dogs recovery is now just about complete and we’re both so happy.
    I had my doubts, but Dr. Walesby assured me he be good as new. He is and she’s the best . Thank you.

    -Judith U., Hanover, PA
  • If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Dr. Walesby and her staff are simply AMAZING. I received a price quote from a larger surgical center for more than double what my quote was at MVSS. I’m not one to deny care because of cost, but the fact that I received top notch care for me and my pet for a very reasonable price is amazing, and frankly, unheard of in veterinary medicine today.

    The consultation was thorough and all of my questions were answered. Surgery was the very next day and I was called 3 (!!!) times to let me know where my pet was in the grand scheme of their busy day. (When they were starting anesthesia, when he woke up and then the Dr. called in the evening to discuss surgery)

    The discharge process was very smooth even though the waiting room was FILLED with people. A technician went through the paperwork and instructions with me, answering any questions along the way and then helped me get my dog into the car.

    Seriously, I hope I never need to have surgery on my pet again but if i do, I will definitely come back here. Furthermore – I will recommend this place to anyone I know that needs surgery on their pet.

    This smaller private practice deserves the business. I would much rather support them than feel like a number at a much larger corporate facility.

    Dr. Walesby and staff – THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

    -Michael B., Sykesville, MD
  • A neighbor recommended Dr. Walesby to us after our lab mix tore her knee. She and her staff did a great job. They were professional, caring, and were accessible after-hours to help us with some post-op questions. 3 weeks after the surgery, when my dog tore her OTHER knee, we didn’t hesitate to return to MVSS and they fit us in last-minute.

    One other note: we shopped around before the first surgery, and MVSS was between $500 and $1500 cheaper than everyone else we looked at. With two operations in 3 weeks, that became really important!

    -Matt G., Columbia, MD
  • I am 100% satisfied with Dr Walesby, Rita and the rest of the staff here. I brought my dog in for a leg amputation due to a recurring tumor. He is 13 years old. I shopped around and I found the clinic on the Veterinary Surgery Board’s website that was a huge selling point to me. I called and spoke with Rita who was understanding about how nervous I was to move forward. The cost was all-inclusive. So when he had to stay an extra day because Dr. Walesby felt he needed to it was not an extra charge. I am very glad we chose Dr Walesby she is a kind person who loves what she does, and wants nothing but to help hurt animals enjoy their lives. Thank you for giving me more time with Joe.

    -Danny B., Hyattsville, MD
  • I love this place! My Bernese Mountain Dog, Maggie has needed 5 different surgeries, 2 for ACL repairs and 3 for cancer and I have never wanted to take her anywhere else. The staff if professional yet kind and Dr. Walesby is caring and confident. She put me at ease when my 10 year old dog needed surgery by saying, “Don’t worry, age is not a disease!

    -Lesley and Maggie Z. Thank you so much!!
  • My dog, Emmy, not even 3 years old, had 2 prior surgeries by an orthopedic surgeon, that I adored. First at 6 months, a TPLO, right hip. Then a TPO left leg last fall. When she injured her right knee, I called this surgeon, but he left the practice for a short while. So in my search to find a qualified surgeon to do a TPO on her other knee I had asked a friend if she knew any veterinary surgeons since she had a dog. She proclaimed, Dr Honor Walesby at MVSS!! I called and was quick to get an appointment. Rita was a terrific receptionist. Our meeting with Dr Walesby couldn’t have been better. Emmy loved her, and I had the utmost confidence in her. She explained the procedure so that lay people would understand. The surgery went wonderfully, and now we are on the mend…A+++ for this practice. The practice fees are not a la carte, so you aren’t burdened with extra fee for xrays, blood work, rechecks, etc. One can spend so much more at other practices, believe me, I know!!

    -Karen P
    Westminster, MD
  • I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Dr. Walesby. Our vet sent us to Annapolis for a consult, our dog needed surgery to remove stones from his bladder. We were aware that the procedure would cost between $1,200.-$2,000. When I was told $3,500. I was in tears, I had already spent $500. on tests and xrays prior to my visit, they offered me a credit card payment option. At that moment I regreted owning a dog, I vowed to never own another pet, I felt horrible about myself. So I prayed and my prayers were answered. My first contact with MdVSS was with Rita, very professional and compassionate. When she tells you she will call back, she actually does! Dr. Walesby was great, she made me feel at ease with the procedure, explained what would take place, very impressive. I was given a quote, and it was considerably less expensive than what I had been quoted by the Annapolis Surgeon. The surgery was completed and everything went well. My final bill was exactly what I had been quoted, not a penny more.. Dr. Walesby and her staff took wonderful care of our dog, and he is doing great thanks to them!

    -Ann L
    Woodbine, MD