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Keep Busy At Home With These 4 Indoor Exercises for Dogs

Keep Busy At Home With These 4 Indoor Exercises for Dogs

If you are spending more time at home with your pooch, consider trying these creative indoor exercises for dogs.

Folks all over the world are practicing social distancing and isolating themselves at home. As much as this can cause humans to go stir-crazy, this sudden confinement can also be distressing for your pets. Dogs require a great deal of physical activity to keep them healthy and mentally stimulated. It may be challenging for you to keep your dog’s activity up if you are used to playing and exercising in public places like dog parks. If you are spending more time at home with your pooch, consider trying these creative indoor exercises for dogs. However, there is a caveat – for those patients currently on indoor exercise restrictions after surgery, the fun indoor play will have to wait until cleared for normal activity by Dr. Walesby!

1. Play Fetch

The game of fetch is one of the most popular exercises for dogs. While many people choose to play fetch outdoors with their pets, some dog owners may be able to bring the fun inside. If you have a small dog or a large house, you are likely able to play fetch indoors. Find the largest hallway or empty space in your home, grab your pet’s favorite toy, and go wild!

2. Use Puzzle Toys

Mental fitness is important, too. Food-dispensing puzzle toys are an excellent way to engage food-motivated dogs and keep them on their toes. There are many different puzzle toys to choose from, and they can get your dog moving around and playing after a long day indoors. Is your pup struggling with their weight? Try using rewards like carrot sticks or green beans instead of high-calorie dog treats.

3. Set Up an Obstacle Course

Pillow forts are not just for kids — dogs can enjoy them too! Create a pillow-and-blanket maze or obstacle course and teach your dog to get through it. Incorporate obstacles for them to jump over, crawl under, and run around. Obstacle courses can provide hours of entertainment for you and your pets.

4. Play Hide-and-Seek

Although you can play this game with just you and your dog, it can be even more fun with a few people. While your pooch is in another room, find a hiding spot. Start calling their name and see how long it takes for them to find you. Once your dog finds you, reward them with scratches, belly rubs, or a tasty treat. If you play with multiple people, try hiding in different parts of your home to give your pup more exercise.

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