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Tips on How to Give Your Dog Pills

MDVSS Dog Pills

There are a few ways to make it easier to give your dog pills.

When our dogs are sick, injured, or going through surgical recovery, they often have to take medications to deal with symptoms and potential secondary issues. Many owners dread a pill prescription for their dog because medicating a dog can be a struggle. It doesn’t always have to be, though. There are some methods you can use to make pill time a little easier for everyone so your dog can heal comfortably and you can feel assured that they’re getting what they need.

Hide it in Food

This is the easiest method that is most often recommended and used. Whether you purchase pill pockets or hide the pill in a small bite of meat or cheese, it’s usually a good way to get dogs to take a pill without even noticing—especially if they don’t chew their treats. If they bite the pill, however, they’ll be less likely to take the bait next time around. Always make sure to only do this with medication that can be given with food, as some cannot. When in doubt, call your veterinarian to confirm.

Use a Pill Dispenser

A pill dispenser for dogs looks like a regular syringe, but it’s designed to have pills loaded in so you can easily dispense them to the back of the mouth. This will only work with smaller pills, so its usefulness can be a bit more limited. However, it can protect against accidental bites and make the process go a little bit smoother.

Ask Your Vet for Best Practices

If you’re unsure and you want expert advice, ask your veterinarian for a demonstration of best practices. They can give you excellent advice on how to make the process easier on both you and your companion, and sometimes a visual aid is better than even the most detailed explanation. This also allows you to ask any questions you may have before you give your pet their pills, so you can feel a bit more confident when the time comes.

Give Your Pup a Reward

Once your pet has swallowed their pill, praise them and give them a small treat. It’s always a bit easier to get a dog to do something they’re not so sure about if they know they’ll be rewarded after it’s all done. This can make each consecutive pill a little easier on both your pup and you.

Trust Maryland Veterinary Surgical Services With Your Companion’s Health

Your companion’s health is important, and the team at MVSS is ready to provide the best care possible for your furry family. We are dedicated to combining comprehensive exams and assessments with informative and honest discussions of your companion’s care. Once we have worked with you to decide on the best course of action for your dog, our professionals will use their surgical expertise to work towards the goal of giving your companion an active and pain-free life. We are proud to serve loyal companions in Catonsville and Baltimore. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 410-788-4088 or visit us online. For more information and tips for pet health, follow us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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